IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communications IEEE JOURNAL ON


November 2005, Volume 23, Number 11
H.-C. Chao, N.-F. Huang, S.-Y. Kuo, C. E. Perkins, and H. Stüttgen

Guest Editorial
H.-C. Chao, N.-F. Huang, S.-Y. Kuo, C. E. Perkins, and H. Stüttgen

Handoff, Admission Control, and Connection Maintenance With QoS Consideration
IPv6-Based Dynamic Coordinated Call Admission Control Over Integrated Wireless Access Networks
S.-T. Cheng and J.-L. Lin
End-System-Based Mobility Support in IPv6
C. Guo, H. Wu, K. Tan, Q. Zhang, J. Song, J. Zhou, C. Huitema, and W. Zhu
A Framework of Handoffs in Wireless Overlay Networks Based on Mobile IPv6
C. W. Lee, L. M. Chen, M. C. Chen, and Y. S. Sun
Improving Handoff Performance in Wireless Overlay Networks by Switching Between Two-Layer IPv6 and One-Layer IPv6 Addressing
W. K. Lai and J. C. Chiu
Evaluation of a Mobile IPv6-Based Architecture Supporting User Mobility QoS and AAAC in Heterogeneous Networks
V. Marques, X. P. Costa, R. L. Aguiar, M. Liebsch, and A. M. O. Duarte
SIP, MANET, and Open Service Architecture Related Development and Applications
An IPv4-IPv6 Translation Mechanism for SIP Overlay Network in UMTS All-IP Environment
W.-E. Chen, Y.-B. Lin, and A.-C. Pang
Mobile IPv6-Based Ad Hoc Networks: Its Development and Application
R.-H. Hwang, C.-Y. Li, C.-Y. Wang, and Y.-S. Chen
OSA-Based Service Platform for All-IPv6 Network Environments
Y.-C. Chang, J.-L. Chen, H.-C. Chao, and S.-Y. Kuo
Security and Multicast Issues
Leakage-Resilient Security Architecture for Mobile IPv6 in Wireless Overlay Networks
H. Fathi, S. Shin, K. Kobara, S. S. Chakraborty, H. Imai, and R. Prasad
A Flexible Overlay Architecture for Mobile IPv6 Multicast
A. Garyfalos and K. C. Almeroth

Peer-to-Peer Communications and Applications
Adaptive, Spectrum Agile and Cognitive Wireless Networks
Noncooperative Behavior in Networking